Just like a tornado of toys

Syncology Design team dives deep into branding as it is the most critical step to convey a brand right to the point.
Thanks to Toynado to give full liberty to us for every bit of the design work.
This is a very young and enthusiastic company, "Our mission is the bring the coolest toys at the most reasonable price to our kiwi children", Said Leo, founder and managing director of Toynado. It is the first time that Syncology Design designed a brand from the ground up starting with the name of the brand (this is the most existing part and we really have explored so many options to come up with the bang on name that Leo loves the most), logo design, website development & product catalogue. This is also the first time that Syncology Design works on a large scale of eCommerce website design (approx. 300 skus). 
We sat down with Leo almost three-four times a week to go through every detail, from the toy categorisation to features of the filter and search, whether it represents the best way of how Toynado wants to show its unique toys to the customers.
The logo is a shape of a tornado, just the perfect demonstration of the brand - the tornado of toys that brings joy and fun non-stop. We also use rainbow-gradient colour for the brand name. What could resonate better with our young children than the rainbow, isn't it!
We also developed a sub-brand - Joysnap, same design philosophy, from concept to the name, from colours to the shape. A little whale tail looks just like the shape of a letter y, with a bubbly happy orange in colour, who doesn't want a happy toy! 
We want to see Toynado and Joysnap bring a smile to every lovely child's face.

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