The Drip House

The Unimaginable Dimension

We bumped into Ayden at a very casual dinner catch up, couldn't possibly imagine this young man who always carries the biggest smile on his face, is a talented artist and very driven entrepreneur.
The inspiration to dress as cool and relentless as you want, while keeping within the street culture is the essence of the Drip house. We feel so excited to work with Ayden to create the entire brand identity and develop his eCommerce store. 
The logo we designed for The Drip House is our planet earth sectioned into different parts representing different rooms in the unknown dimension as our creative designer also is an amazing musician. Gradient dripping colour on the planet showcases the spirit of creativity.
Street art is the most significant element through our entire design concept. It is more than just a brand, or a website; it's a lifestyle of the new generation, wild, unbounded by rules, full of energy. 

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Logo Design
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Website Design
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Brand Collaterals
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