Annabelle Coby

Every woman deserves an Annabelle Coby bag

This first time we met Annabelle, we thought she was just a uni student. Simple smile and very easy going. Not until we started to know her more, the amount of dedication and passion she has towards fashion design has truly connected with us. 

Anna loves elegant, colourful design. Quote one of her favourite lines: "every woman deserves an Annabelle Coby bag", the confidence that we saw in her was phenomenal for this young designer. 

We looked at her designs and some of the bags she brought, only one feeling: I want it now. Yes, that is the feeling we follow when designed the entire brand and website because we want it to bring the "I want it now" the moment the customers visit Annabelle's website, let alone the beautiful design of the handbags. 

Not only the website, we are continuously involved in Annabelle Coby's social media marketing to help her success in New Zealand market.

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