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We have been collaborating with Gourmet Brothers, Canterbury based ready-made meal delivery service. It’s rare you get to work with people so committed to sustainability and passionate about championing an often misunderstood concept. We worked in close conjunction with Sid and Ron to develop their brand strategy, website development, brand collaterals, and their Digital Marketing strategy.

The two brothers were the perfect partnership to advocate the ready-made meal revolution in New Zealand, so we developed a brand identity to reflect this. The logomark is a combination of the two brothers coming together, forming a complete circle of the brand symbol wholsome food. 

With their limitless enthusiasm being an inspiration to us all, Gourmet Brothers is now rapidly growing and expanding to Nationwide.

We contineously work with Gourmet Brothers in their digital marketing and designing multiple affiliation program to strength the brand with good cause. Gourmet Brothers and their genuine care for the community is undoubtly taking the brand to a new level in no time. 

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